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EDEPRO Artillery Rockets Production

EDePro – the regional leader in propulsion systems solutions for solid propellant rockets, turbo jet-propelled UAV’s and missiles – is synonymous with innovation and technological creativity in developing advanced defense and space solutions. As one of the top Eastern European engineering hubs for research and development with an advanced manufacturing environment for serial production, trade, and modernization of rocket systems, artillery munitions, defense, and space equipment, we have been delivering value to our worldwide client base for over 30 years. 

It is our state-of-the-art technology for propellant rockets and G2000 artillery rockets, that confirms our strong domination and leading industry position in this part of Europe. Fostering an environment of engineering flexibility, technological empowerment, and original know-how, EDePro delivers premium quality, innovative, cost-effective solutions, products, and services for today’s world of ever-evolving defense requirements.

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