Rent a car Audi A5 convertible, Dubai Airport, affordable prices, from 40 euros per day

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Rent a car Audi A5 convertible, Dubai Airport, affordable prices, from 40 euros per day

Surčinska 102b, Dubai

Audi A5 Convertible 2019

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  • City
  • Airport
  • ABS
  • Front passenger airbag
  • Drivers airbag

The Audi A5 Convertible is meticulously designed with spectacular body lines and craftsmanship, suited for performance-oriented customers, particularly in Dubai and the UAE. The long wheelbase, with elongated hoods and short overhangs, is what makes the car well defined. It boasts a unique sporty character, with the presence of a fully automatic fabric top. The Tiptronic paddle-shift transmission system helps you to change your gears manually. Apart from the standard features such as the FM radio, Stereo MP3 / CD, Bluetooth, and a USB portal, it also features cruise control. This handy feature helps decrease driver fatigue and increases fuel efficiency.

Designed with an anti-lock braking system, your wheels are prevented from locking up, maintaining a proper grip. Additionally, it boasts a 1.8 TFSI 1798 cc engine as well as a splendid 170hp power. The four-seater offers both luxury and comfort to the driver and passengers, ensuring a relaxed experience, especially during long drives. To experience an unforgettable drive, rent the Audi A5 convertible car from Speedy Drive Car Rental. We provide a hassle-free booking process, eliminating all the unwanted challenges. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Days Mileage Prices -10% on 100km
Daily 200km 350 AED -
Weekly 200km per day 330 AED -
Monthly unlimited km 251 AED -

251 AED

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